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I created the visuals for the Marketing Center that allows agencies, teams and agents to create their own marketing materials based on customizable templates. My competitive analysis revealed that there were several opportunities to improve what the competition was doing so my team focused our efforts on a few of these areas which included improving the quality level of templates, the editing tools available and the user experience to reduce the intimidation factor many agents felt when dealing with print.

One of the major challenges we faced was that we were building everything from scratch and of course there was a lot we wanted to include. We had a small team so we took a phased approach to the project so that quality wouldn’t be compromised, starting with stylescapes, key mockups and then building out a proof of concept.

The design of the tool needed to be clear, simple and easy to use so while the print templates targeted a luxury market the interface for the tool followed a very different design style.


stylescape 1
stylescape 2
stylescape 3


Series 1
series 3
Print Pieces

Phase one included designs for three distinct template series

Clients are able to use these designs as starting points and inspiration for their business needs. For the first phase we didn't have the luxury of being able to create a large variety of templates so I chose three varied styles that could fit the typical clients that we dealt with.