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Before the Redesign

Their original marketing material looked unprofessional and didn’t tell much of a story about who they are and why customers should care.

old branding
After the Redesign

From our research came an understanding on how to differentiate the brand from its competitors: we played on the tagline “Nothing short of groundbreaking” to simplify the message, remove a focus on technical jargon and make it easy for potential customers to see where there was differentiation from the competition that added value.

The Results?

Rotoplas had hoped to gain five leads during the WWETT conference. They left with fifteen solid leads.

Sanzfield brand guide
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Sanzfield Technologies was poised to release a revolutionary wastewater treatment system. With a critical WWETT trade show slated in just a few months that could make or break their business, I had to move quickly to design several key pieces of their identity from choosing typefaces and developing a brand guide to print and a trade show booth.

They also needed logos for their two new products that would fit in with their existing branding. The SanzAir and SanzMicro’s logos are designed to feel timeless and innovative with an emphasis on showing the key component of their technology,  air bubbles.

The visual language  needed to be simple and straightforward  to gain credibility for this new product: no complex jargon. A streamlined one-page website with illustrations showing the process made the most sense. It reads like a story, leading the visitor through Sanzfield’s new technology and ending with a clear call to action.

SanzAir SanzMicro
Sanzfield Brochure
booth left
tradeshow booth
booth right